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2023 Jewelry Trend that Discovers Your Inner Goddess

From moon, to stars and the zodiacs… celestial jewelry inspires our unique characteristics. It celebrates our strengths. The whimsical aesthetic of celestial earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces continues to trend in 2023. 
In times of uncertainty and amid a lack of control, we seek meaning, comfort and connection from the universe’s delicate beauty. Since childhood I’ve had the notion of “Wishing Upon A Star” —for a magical journey.  I believe, as humans we are drawn to celestial… Jewelry is wonderful way of capturing that magic. 
Also, trendy is a stand-out statement piece that takes an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. Choose a statement piece that you want to be your focal point (such as an earring, necklace or bracelet). Next, complement it with a smaller piece that won’t compete for attention. Like the stars that shine bright, let the light reflects in your key celestial piece.

Here’s how to wear them to complement your look… Stacked, Layered, Around Finger or Wrist! These starry looks by Sophistycats Jewelry are worth it.