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How to Keep Your Jewelry From Tarnishing & Safe While Traveling


As natural fashionistas we are always on the go while trying to look our best; here are a few tips to keep your jewelry in pristine condition.

1.Keep liquids and moisture off your jewelry. If yourjewelrygets wet, be sure tocompletelydry your merchandiseimmediately.
2.Refrain from using harsh chemicals while sporting your trendy trinkets.
3.Store yourjewelry in a cool dry place.
4.Do not exercise in yourjewelry.
5.Try not to over-indulge in a specific piece (switch it up).
6.Removejewelry before washing your hands.
7.Stay away fromjewelry cleaners which may contain harsh agents.
8.Put yourjewelry on after lotions and perfumes have dried completely.
9.Have patience with your delicates when sporting them or removing.

Planning to travel…?

1.Avoid groupingnecklaces together or withearrings,rings,and other items as this may cause kinks and knots. Good luck getting those out!
2.Try to place items in separate pouches.
3.Travellight: chooseversatile pieces that will compliment your wardrobe.
4.Do not swim in yourjewelry.
5.After and evening on the town promptly removeDo not sleep in your accessories.

Cleaning Tips

1.Costume jewelry is not constructed to withstand traditional cleaning solutions. Try using a soft clean towel or wash cloth.
2.Remember to store in a cool dry place.

Most of all enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of your baubles. Embrace your
idealistic way of expressing yoursassy, traditional or eclectic self.