Jewelry, Chakra & Mental Health

How to use jewelry as a tool to achieve mental healing, wellness, and balance? 
Mental Health, while once being a topic spoke about only in whisper, has become the “Rolling Loud Festival” of modern society’s conversational palette. 

Mental Health is directly related to the overall status and function of your being, including that of your spirit, energy, and astral bodies. Spirit lives in all things.
While color psychologists, therapists, and alchemists like Jami Lin show us how to use color to promote positive mind and mood, eastern cultures teach that energy centers, called chakras, (Sanskrit word for “spinning wheel”) directly affect your general health and when “your spinning wheels” or chakras are in balance, every other aspect of your life will be as well.
The most common method of addressing mental health is through the administration of psychotropic medication, but there are a plethora of safe and effective natural alternatives, like Ayurveda, color therapy, and JEWELRY that can boost confidence and transform your mind wellness.
Our goal is to get you “bling blinging “ inside and out through informed and conscious choice of your daily accessories.
Essential Oil - Lava Bracelet
You can utilize jewelry in combination with chakras, and color psychology as a means to relieve stress and balance your body mind & spirit. Achieve positive mental health, and achieve total wellness!
Tree of Life Chakra  Chakra Bracelet
With this chart you can examine your personal needs, and match the right color/piece of jewelry to wear to promote the healing, balance, and proper functioning to maximize your mental health. (i.e. Take what you need and wear jewelry in that color). Because jewelry is often made with crystals that correlate to each chakra, color, and healing property, making or wearing crystal jewelry is a great option for balancing your mental and electromagnetic being. Since color is light reflected in a specific frequency, wearing jewelry in a specific color targets the area of your body-mind-spirit in that pure frequency offering direct assistance and healing.
Chakra Energy
Please note: Your Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra are directly connected to the brain, so placing focus here is important. Wearing jewelry in the color indigo and/or violet will increase the benefits and likelihood of balancing the mind.
Also, wearing your favorite colored/piece of jewelry boosts your emotional balance. Through electric messages sent to your subconscious mind, your mood and outlook are uplifted positively, inspiring a healthier mental! So please, wear your favorites often!
Observe the chart and use as a map to choose the color(s) of jewelry you wear each day to balance your mind.
Based on your need, combine colors & jewels!