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This Year, I Choose to Sparkle! Why putting on jewelry is my new self-care.

Today, I put on my huggie earrings and mascara for the first time in months.

Working from home and remaining shelter in place with my family has left me in a comfy slump. My closet now has a joggers section. My wardrobe has been taken over by loungewear. So comfortable, but what is missing?

While loving my morning routine (roll out of bed, wash my face, brush my teeth, get coffee, get dressed, and sit at my computer), I so long to get dressed up. My therapist friend validated this impulse, noting that taking care of your appearance is a form of self-care. So, today, I put on my favorite huggie earrings, a necklace, and mascara to wear with a basic white blouse (to go nowhere but sit at my computer while looking pretty). This was thrilling, and I promise to be giddy every day about looking good, for me!

Let's say it together, "Today, I promise to love myself and sparkle every day. My positive self-talk is one of self-care. I will dress up for me because it makes me feel ridiculously happy."