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Rod Shamballa Bracelets

Rod Shamballa Bracelets

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Various Colors Available: Red, White, Blue, Pink, Black and Gold Rod Shamballa:  beautiful, sparkling bracelets consist of 10MM Beads which are made of Clay and rhinestone crystals.

These Bracelets are designed to fit all size of wrist, can be Uni-sex, and are very durable

Product Description

Shamballa or Shambhalla meaning spiritual place. Handmade midnight black waxed cord bracelet it has 10mm Clay crystal beads, and hematite beads threaded around polyester nylon waxed cord. Adjustable one size fits all to 30cm simply ease the threads apart to desired size slip on wrist then pull the two ends to close. Exceptional quality and craftsmanship made with love.
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